Keeps your Elder Scrolls Online-files safe!

Automatically backups your SavedVariables and game settings

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Requires .NET Framework 4.0 (download from

Change log
Version history can be found in changelog.txt.


The latest version of ESO Safe can be downloaded from the following locations:
Download ESO Safe 1.3 w/ installer from [1.3 mb]
Download ESO Safe 1.3 w/ installer directly from this site [1.3 mb]

Alternative downloads

Download ESO Safe v1.3.1 Troubleshooter hotfix [59 kb]
Download ESO Safe v1.3.1 w/ Troubleshooter (no installer) [412 kb]
Download ESO Safe v1.3 (without installer) [380 kb]
Download ESO Safe v1.3 (debug version) [590 kb]

Download archive

Download ESO Safe 1.2.2 w/ installer [1.3 mb]
Download ESO Safe v1.2.2 (without installer) [380 kb]
Download ESO Safe v1.2.2 (debug version) [583 kb]
Download ESO Safe 1.2 w/ installer [1.3 mb]
Download ESO Safe v1.2 (without installer) [380 kb]
Download ESO Safe v1.2 (debug version) [583 kb]
Download ESO Safe v0.9.1b
Download ESO Safe v0.9b

How to buy?

There is no reason to buy this software, it is free to use. At least for now. But I would gladly take donations as tokens of gratitude and as compensation for my time invested.

ESO Safe 2 Beta

The next major version of ESO Safe is planned to have cloud backup. Safely store your files off-location and never again worry about disk failures or major computer crashes. All your files is safely stored in the cloud and could easily be downloaded to any computer.

Another possible feature for the cloud storage is to enable synchronizing of add-on data between clients. This might be included in a future version.

Interested in cloud backup? Sign-up for ESO Safe 2 Beta news.


How to auto-start with windows

  1. Open your start menu and navigate to your Startup folder.
  2. Open the Startup folder (to navigate quickly, especially in Windows 8, type in "%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" in Run window).
  3. Choose to add new shortcut, point towards where you have saved ESO Safe.
  4. Done.

How to activate folder compression
Activating folder compression would save you about 60% of the storage needed for backup files.

  1. Open the folder where your backup is stored (default this would be "{Your MyDocuments folder}\Elder Scrolls Online\{live | liveeu | pts}")
  2. Right click the "Backup" folder and choose properties
  3. Choose Advanced
  4. Check "Compress content to save disk space"
  5. Choose to apply to all subfolders and files
  6. Done.

Error reports and suggestions

Encountered a problem and want to report a bug? Or do you have a great idea and want to request a new feature.


Send mail to